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I suffered from swollen and itchy legs for 2 or 3 years. My G.P. could only recommend compression socks which only helped when wearing them and they were very difficult to get on and off. After one session of Biomagnetic Therapy, the swelling and itching totally disappeared.

Because of my load snoring, I was diagnosed by a Specialist that I had moderate Sleep Apnea. He recommended that I wear a sleep apnea machine on my nose  every night more or less forever. After two sessions of Biomagnetic Therapy, the snoring almost disappeared and there were no further signs of Sleep Apnea.

I will definitely return for Biomagnetic Therapy if I have any further ailments. 



Orla creates such a calm and nurturing healing space. Her treatments are  something I always look forward to and walk away from feeling uplifted and truly cared for. I have had Biomagnetic Therapy and Reiki sessions with Orla to help with anxiety and more recently hormonal issues and have found the treatments effective for both.


I had issues with my sense of smell after Covid but after 2 biomagnetic sessions with Orla it's pretty much back to normal. I am delighted. Thank you


I have attended Orla several times for Reiki and Biomagnetic Therapy and have found her sessions amazing. She is a great listener and holds a safe, supportive space always. She has a really beautiful presence and energy and I always leave her space with a deep feeling of peace and calm. I would highly recommend her.


I booked in for a reiki session with Orla but wasn't really sure what to expect. The treatment was so relaxing and uplifting - it left me with a feeling of joy and optimism that had been lacking from my life. I will be back soon for another session.


I found Biomagnetic Therapy with Orla very effective with my snoring and sleep pattern.

I would be very happy to use Biomagnetic therapy again at a future date.



Orla has a lovely, gentle and caring way about her - she is very easy to talk to and I found she really listened to my health concerns. A few Biomagnetic healing sessions helped clear my sinus issues and also helped balance my body. I felt great after it and would highly recommend Orla.



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